Accounting Technician

Accounting Technicians work in the Firm’s Business Services Department (BSD) providing bookkeeping, payroll computation, payroll tax reporting and excise tax reporting services to the Firm’s clients. Accounting Technicians will work in coordination with other Firm members assigned to the client. The Accounting Technician will report to the BSD Accounting Supervisor. The Accounting Technician will have considerable direct client contact.

General Description

  • An Accounting Technician will have the responsibility to:

  • Assist clients with monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping

  • Compute payroll for clients

  • Prepare federal and state payroll tax reports for clients

  • Prepare state excise tax reports for clients

  • Assist other Firm members with client services

Skills Needed

  • Thorough working knowledge of accounting theory, concepts, practices and procedures and State of Washington tax regulations

  • Familiarity with accounting software (QuickBooks preferred)

  • Working knowledge of Office applications including Word, Excel and Outlook

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Able to meet and balance multiple deadlines with minimal supervision

  • Able to work in the multi-client environment of a CPA firm

  • Direct and motivate others in a team environment.

  • Dedicated to the quality of work performed

  • Willingness to learn

Specific Qualifications

  • A minimum of five years related experience